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Exinda SD-WAN Features

Exinda SD-WAN Optimizes Your Network With Leading-Edge Features

Exinda delivers a stable, reliable, secure network that’s 75% cheaper than traditional WANs. Exinda improves your network with OptimalPath™.

Exinda Optimal-Path

Optimal Path™

Exinda’s Optimal Path™ delivers on the promise of an SD-WAN that’s custom-tailored to your specific application usage and bandwidth needs.

Using proprietary Advanced Algorithms, powerful data analysis and proactive tunnel selection, Optimal Path™ will reduce and eliminate network downtime by determining where heavy traffic and network trouble might occur and redirecting traffic to the best-performing tunnel for each packet.

It begins at setup. As soon as you’re up and running, Exinda will begin sampling data across 282 metrics of network health every 5-10 minutes, including upstream/downstream jitter, video jitter, download/upload quality, etc. This will continue for eight weeks. Your dedicated network specialist will also configure your VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor at the outset, so that you can take advantage of those features immediately.

At the end of the eight-week period, your specialist compares your network performance from before and after plugging in Exinda. Your network performance data is processed, analyzed and displayed, so that you can view a digest of key results on a robust dashboard. Your dashboard shows you:

  • Network performance information by ISP
  • Network performance information by date range
  • Capacity QoS
  • VoIP MoS
  • Network downtime (in seconds)
  • Network downtime (in percentage)
  • A graph of each ISP’s audio jitter rate
  • A graph of each ISP’s video jitter rate

Taking all these metrics and more into account, Exinda will assign and display a VoIP Score, a Video Conferencing Score and an HTTP Score to each ISP.

These scores are then used to assign the appropriate connection for each workflow. Your specialist will also make any adjustments to your VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor based on the data collected during the eight weeks.

Advanced Algorithms are the other key component of Optimal Path™. These algorithms optimize the path for each workflow based on type and the current state of your network in order to dramatically reduce jitter, latency and packet loss. Our solution also creates sophisticated virtual overlay tunnels between SD-WAN devices that are available as physical or virtual appliances or as a hosted service.

Worried about downtime? Using forward correction, the SD-WAN can predict which parts of your network are likely to fail. Then, our algorithms can make pre-emptive adjustments.

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BondedTunnel icon

Bonded Tunnels

Exinda bonds together low-cost, readily available consumer data lines like 5G, satellite and LTE. In addition to delivering significant cost savings, these bonded lines provide higher throughput and better network performance, even when individual connections are underperforming. From there, Exinda uses real-time, per-packet steering to route each packet based on up-to-the-second analysis of packet loss and one-way delay.

Preconfigured Routing icon

Preconfigured Routing

While our out-of-the-box, pre-configured routing works for 90% of your traffic, detailed metrics analysis gives us the performance data we need to deliver an even more optimized network experience. Exinda uses advanced Layer 7 routing to provide the most efficient flow. Exinda understands flow patterns, identifies traffic types and adjusts real-time treatment of IP packets over your network accordingly. You can also create usage rules to designate weighted priority levels for each circuit. Exinda also takes your anticipated traffic demands into account in order to make routing decisions based on your future needs.

VoIP icon

VoIP And Videoconferencing Armor

Exinda’s Advanced Algorithms use forward error correction to select the best path for your VoIP and videoconferencing connections, based on latency, jitter, throughput, performance history, packet loss and more. This ensures that you always have a crisp connection and a high-quality experience.

Firewall icon

Firewall And UTM Integration

Maintain a unified security posture easily: Exinda integrates in pass-through mode with your existing best-of-breed firewall and unified threat management systems. Installation is fast and simple, as Exinda is transparent to your existing setup. You can also use our built-in firewall, which filters inbound and outbound traffic by source IP, destination IP, source ports, destination ports, protocol and DSCP. It provides website blocking, DNS redirection, encryption up to AES 256 across bonded tunnels and advanced filtering. Exinda SD-WAN also works with your preferred physical UTM device or cloud-based virtual appliance to protect your network and enable cloud-ready and cost-effective networking.

Link Failure Recovery icon

Link Failure Recovery & Link Failover

In the event of Internet access line failures, Exinda keeps ongoing sessions alive and preserves data integrity by retransmitting lost packets over available lines, even for sessions in progress.

Virtual Leased Lines icon

Virtual Leased Lines

With VLL, you can connect Exinda SD-WANs in peer mode or by using a cloud service. Create a virtual VPN tunnel between offices and use all available links at once. If some fail, that’s no problem — traffic will be rerouted automatically. This feature is great for video conferences.

Real-Time Per-Packet Steering icon

Real-Time Per-Packet Steering

Exinda measures packet loss, one-way delay and other key metrics to optimize path performance. Our application-specific algorithms use these metrics to direct each data packet to the best tunnel and meet your application SLAs.

Elastic Static IP icon

Elastic Static IP

Map static IP addresses in the cloud (or from your data center) onto the branch offices of Exinda SD-WAN. This makes static IP available for services that rely on stable IP addressing (such as VPN, VoIP/SIP etc.) and ensures inbound network access is available, even during WAN outages, as long as at least one of the WAN links is up.

Seamless Cloud icon

Seamless Cloud Extension

With Exinda SD-WAN, you can easily extend your WAN to any private or public cloud. Experience peak application performance, widen your network effortlessly and gain mobility and advanced cloud security features. Reduce IT troubleshooting bottlenecks, eliminate unnecessary complexity and minimize inefficient bandwidth usage.

Application-Centric icon

Application-Centric VNF Tunnels

Exinda optimizes application-centric VNF tunnels for specific categories of applications: VoIP, video, UC, chatty, cloud-delivered, file transfers or other classes. These applications are then routed to the specific VNF tunnel, optimizing individual application performance. Exinda lets you set your WAN network on autopilot. Our advanced tunnels automatically detect network issues and then route data around the network problem in real time without dropping your ongoing sessions.

Zero-Touch icon

Zero-Touch Installation

Exinda SD-WAN appliances can be provisioned automatically and quickly configured through a cloud-based interface. You can deploy Exinda in less than 5 minutes.

Application-Centric icon

White-Glove Support

Need help? Exinda offers 24/7, U.S.-based support. We’re here to answer any questions you encounter while setting up or running your network.