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Exinda Products

Exinda 2061

Exinda 2061 Series

  • Small Branch Office, Home Office
  • 6 Mbps, 600 Connections
  • 20 Mbps, 32,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 20 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 1,600 Users

Exinda 4010

Exinda 4010 Series

  • Medium Branch Office
  • 20 Mbps, 1200 Connections
  • 500 Mbps, 768,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 45 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 38,000 Users

Exinda 4061

Exinda 4061 Series

  • Medium to Large Office
  • 20 Mbps, 3000 Connections
  • 1 Gbps, 1,024,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 100 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 51,000 Users

Exinda 6062

Exinda 6062 Series

  • Small Data Center
  • 50 Mbps, 10,000 Connections
  • 2.5 Gbps, 5,120,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 125 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 200,000 Users

Exinda 8062

Exinda 8062 Series

  • Data Center
  • 155 Mbps, 16,000 Connections
  • 5 Gbps, 5,120,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 175 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 250,000 Users

Exinda 10062

Exinda 10062 Series

  • Large Data Center
  • 310 Mbps, 45,000 Connections
  • 10 Gbps, 8,000,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 225 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 400,000 Users

Why Exinda?

Many organizations rely on a patchwork of point solutions for network visibility, reporting, control and optimization. This piecemeal approach can actually increase network operating costs and management burdens because the different point solutions lack interoperability or a centralized management interface. The Exinda solution brings visibility, control and optimization together in a comprehensive, tightly integrated and centrally managed system.

With a single Exinda appliance, organizations can effectively monitor, manage and optimize their entire network. Unlike other solutions, Exinda requires no additional modules or add-on components. This makes Exinda not only more affordable but faster to implement and easier to manage. The complete, purpose-built Exinda solution allows network managers to spend their time optimizing the network instead of managing the various point solutions themselves.

The Exinda Value Proposition

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

In many organizations, when end users complain about slow applications on the WAN, IT staff have no idea why. This is because they have only limited visibility into the types of Internet traffic on the network. Without visibility and control, IT is essentially flying blind when it comes to addressing poor network performance, slow applications, bandwidth congestion or the need to prioritize critical applications like voice over IP (VoIP).

WAN Optimization Made Easy

The Exinda WAN optimization appliance allows organizations to instantly gain deep visibility into all network activity and identify why applications are performing poorly on the WAN. Providing network visibility, control and optimization in a single, affordable, “plug-and-play” appliance, Exinda allows organizations to rapidly identify bottlenecks, control recreational traffic and intelligently accelerate applications.

Unified Performance Management - Exinda's Unified Performance Management solutions combine the following functionality onto a single network appliance to achieve peak application performance:

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