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Exinda SD-WAN How It Works

Exinda SD-WAN Is Fast, Reliable, Cost-Effective — Setup Takes Just 5 Minutes

Exinda’s out-of-the-box routing configurations work for the majority of your traffic flow. With Optimal Path™, Exinda will deliver an even more tailored experience. Exinda’s White-Glove Support with Zero-Touch Installation is incredibly fast and easy.

Your Exinda SD-WAN White-Glove Support Begins With Zero-Touch Installation And Expert Configuration

Exinda Installation Image

After you receive your Exinda device, all you have to do is plug it in.
Since Exinda is transparent to your current best-of-breed firewall and your UTM setup, you can add the device with no disruption to your existing system.

If you have any questions, Exinda's U.S.-based support specialists are available to help 24/7.

Optimal Path™ Delivers Peak Network Performance And Offers Valuable Data In An Informative Dashboard

Exinda Optimal-Path

Exinda’s Optimal Path™ delivers on the promise of an SD-WAN that’s truly optimized for your organization’s unique bandwidth needs by incorporating Advanced Algorithms, powerful data gathering and analysis as well as proactive tunnel selection.

As soon as you start working with Exinda, you will be assigned a network specialist who configures your network, including VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor. Exinda will begin sampling data across 282 metrics of network health every 5-10 minutes — including upstream/downstream jitter, video jitter, download/upload quality, etc. The data collection period spans eight weeks, which allows Exinda to gather a complete picture of your network traffic flow and bandwidth needs.

At the end of the eight-week period, your specialist will compare your network performance from before and after plugging in Exinda. The information will be represented in a robust dashboard that displays data about your network’s performance. It also lets you view performance information by ISP or by date range. You’ll see metrics for the following quality indicators:

  • Capacity QoS
  • VoIP MoS
  • Network downtime (in seconds)
  • Network downtime (in percentage)

Your dashboard will also show graphical representations of audio jitter, video jitter and other performance indicators for each ISP. Each ISP will be assigned a VoIP Score, Video Conferencing Score and HTTP Score based on those metrics.

Using this highly detailed picture of your network traffic, your specialist will make a line-by-line recommendation for each of your four WANs, identifying the best one for video, VoIP, HTTP and backups. Your specialist will also make adjustments to your VoIP Armor and Video Conferencing Armor based on the data that has been collected over eight weeks.

Proprietary Advanced Algorithms Further Optimize Your Network

Exinda SD-WAN’s proprietary Advanced Algorithms are the other key component of Optimal Path™. These algorithms take into account each packet traveling on your network and the current state of your network in order to drastically reduce and eliminate downtime. By analyzing your usage patterns and predicting where heavy traffic might occur, Exinda can make pre-emptive adjustments and redirect flows to better-performing tunnels. This dramatically reduces jitter, latency and packet loss.

Exinda Advanced Algorithms image

Exinda Overview image

Exinda Setting Up image

Setting Up Exinda SD-WAN Is Fast And Easy

With Exinda, you get:

  • Zero-Touch Installation
  • Up And Running In Less Than 5 Minutes
  • White-Glove Support & Configuration
  • Quick Configuration Through A Cloud-Based Interface
  • Optimal Path™ Network Optimization
  • Annual Health Check