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Exinda SD-WAN Benefits

Exinda SD-WAN Delivers High-Performance, Reliable Networks For 75% Less Than Traditional WANs

With Exinda SD-WAN Optimal Path™, you get an extremely cost-effective network with high reliability and superior application performance. Spin up fast with zero-touch installation and keep things running smoothly with 24/7 White-Glove Support.

Exinda SD-WAN’s load balance router maintains great performance and user experience even during WAN blackouts and high traffic.

Increased Uptime

Thanks to its overlay tunnel technology, Exinda SD-WAN delivers seamless session continuity. In the event of a blackout or brownout, your applications will be shielded in near real-time without any impact on application SLAs.

Optimized Application Performance

Exinda SD-WAN resolves networking issues without the need for human intervention. With its application-specific VNF tunnels, Exinda optimizes individual application performance and delivers clearer VoIP calls, maintains optimal access to SaaS applications, faster file transfers and more.

75% Cheaper Than Traditional WANs

Exinda bonds together low-cost, readily available consumer data lines like 5G, satellite and LTE. You get a SD-WAN solution that’s perfect for both small and mid-size organizations, plus increased bandwidth, reduced latency and improved reliability. It’s also 75% cheaper than traditional WANs.

Dramatically Improve Your VoIP, Video Conferencing

Exinda’s dedicated VoIP and Video Conferencing Armor tunnels use our Advanced Algorithms to select the best path for your connections, based on latency, jitter, throughput, performance history, packet loss and more. No more interruptions.

Get Rid Of Expensive MPLS, T1 Lines

Don’t automatically renew your expensive MPLS and T1 contracts. Exinda SD-WAN gives you cost-effective connectivity that is reliable and easy to manage. By bonding together consumer data lines of all types (3G/4G/5G cellular, broadband, etc.), we deliver improved performance by minimizing jitter and latency, and with the right combination of lines you can achieve better uptime than MPLS.

Launch New Branches Fast

Whether you’re opening a new branch office or doing a retail pop up, Exinda gets your network up and running quickly. Get the agile, reliable application performance you need to meet your business goals.

Exinda Delivers High Reliability In Industries Where Downtime Is Not An Option


Banking and Financial Services

Uptime is a critical requirement for banking and financial services. Your customer-facing apps require near 100% uptime – and any downtime costs you in lost business, decreased internal productivity and reputational damage. Exinda gives you the connectivity you need to support your customers 24×7 around the globe.



Brick-and-mortar retailers must innovate to survive. Whether opening a pop-up shop or adding new AI-powered offerings, retailers need to deliver new customer experiences while holding down costs. Exinda SD-WAN is the perfect connectivity solution for retailers who need a network that’s cost-effective, reliable and fast.



Since high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity is an industry standard, hospitality brands must find a way to keep networks up and running fast without significant added cost. Whether you’re a hotel chain, boutique hotel, cruise line, commercial shipping line or airline, you can use Exinda SD-WAN to maximize available bandwidth, limit downtime and provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience for your guests.



Healthcare providers must capture, store and transmit a large volume of high-resolution images in a timely and HIPAA-compliant manner. Exinda SD-WAN can intelligently bond multiple lines to create faster, more reliable connections, using automated fail-over to maximize application uptime.



As governments replace aging power grids and move toward new energy sources, they need networks that can transmit meter data from remote locations fast and reliably. Exinda SD-WAN offers a highly responsive, stable network that’s perfect for these requirements. Our automatic optimization offers valuable predictive information that can prevent outages and brownouts.



Exinda SD-WAN is perfect for construction, where you need to get your network set up fast on job sites. Exinda spins up quickly, giving you an incredibly agile and flexible network. SD-WANs are extremely reliable and highly stable — critical qualities in the fast-paced construction industry.