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Exinda SD-WAN Delivers A Faster, More Reliable Connection For Today’s Cloud-Centric World

The technology behind Exinda SD-WAN was developed by an engineering team with over 70 years of cutting-edge research and development experience in the networking field. Exinda's self-healing overlay tunnels can detect and intelligently route around unexpected network problems to optimize end-user experience for cloud-based applications.

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An Optimized Network At An Incredible Value

Exinda's early SD-WAN prototypes aggregated wifi access points in a residential area to create the fastest-ever consumer Internet connectivity speeds ever recorded. Today, Exinda SD-WAN uses machine learning and cheaper consumer cellular lines to deliver a fast and reliable network that’s extremely cost-effective, too.

Full Support At Every Stage

Installation just takes a few minutes and our network specialist works with you to configure and optimize your network. When you do need help, Exinda is always available. Exinda's 24/7, U.S.-based support team will respond quickly to help you reach a fast resolution.

Exinda Drives Your Organization Forward

Reduce Downtime

Exinda SD-WAN boasts overlay tunnel technology that keeps your applications flowing even during WAN blackouts or brownouts – providing seamless session continuity.

Improve Performance

Exinda uses application-specific VNF tunnels – optimizing individual application performance and delivering clearer VoIP calls, faster file transfers and more.

Cut Costs

Exinda bonds together low-cost, readily available consumer data lines like 5G, satellite and LTE – delivering a network that costs 75% less than traditional WANs.

Exinda Is Pre-Loaded With All The Features You Need, And All The Extras You Want
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Bonded Tunnels

Exinda bonds together low-cost, readily available consumer data lines. These bonded lines provide higher throughput and better application performance, even when individual connections are underperforming.

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Real-Time Per-Packet Steering

Exinda uses real-time, per-packet steering to route each packet based on up-to-the-second analyses of packet loss and one-way delay. Our application-specific algorithms direct each data packet to the best tunnel.

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VoIP And Videoconferencing Armor

Exinda’s Advanced Algorithms use forward error correction to select the best path for your VoIP and videoconferencing connections. This ensures that you’ll always have a crisp connection and a high-quality experience.

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Link Failure Recovery & Link Failover

Exinda maintains ongoing sessions and preserves data integrity by retransmitting lost packets over available lines – even during an Internet blackout or brownout. Your users won’t even notice that there was an issue.

Ready To Cut Costs, Improve Performance And Increase Uptime?

Exinda SD-WAN Is Trusted By Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World

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