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Exinda Helps Westminster Public Schools Squash Snapchat Disruptions & Improve Online Testing Experiences
Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 08:19:12 AM

TORONTO – Exinda, a leading provider of application control solutions, has teamed up with Westminster Public Schools to help combat unsanctioned apps like Snapchat and Tor that were bypassing the school’s web filter and disrupting classroom learning. Exinda also helped the district prioritize online testing and ensure a flawless Quality of Experience during standardized testing season.

After causing numerous classroom disruptions, Westminster Public Schools, one of Colorado’s largest school districts, decided to block Snapchat. The school’s previous web filter was not able to adequately control it. And with a 1:1 Chromebook deployment and online standardized testing initiatives, an application control solution was needed to manage unsanctioned apps and stop the district from routinely hitting its bandwidth cap that was negatively impacting Quality of Experience.

“Prior to using Exinda, our number one pain point was that we were maxing out our bandwidth, but couldn’t identify what was causing us to keep hitting our cap,” says Mark Hanson, Network Administrator at Westminster Public Schools. “We were using MRTG and our firewall to monitor how much bandwidth we were using, but had no idea what was actually using up the bandwidth. After we implemented Exinda, we could finally pinpoint what was consuming the district’s bandwidth and control it.”

“Controlling unsanctioned applications and ensuring a flawless experience for digital learning initiatives like online testing requires real-time monitoring and multi-dimensional policy-based control,” says Kevin Suitor, VP of Product Management. “With Exinda, the Westminster Public Schools’ Network Team can now identify all traffic crossing the network and create optimization policies to ensure testing platforms like Pearson and Khan Academy are always prioritized. They can also restrict access to unsanctioned applications like Snapchat, Tor, Ultrasurf and Anonymous Proxies that were negatively impacting these critical applications.”

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