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Nomadix Enters Into Exclusive Technology Partnership with Exinda for Hospitality Industry
Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 01:58:51 PM


HITEC, Booth #1244, AUSTIN, Texas, June 16, 2015 - Today, Nomadix, Inc. announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Exinda, Inc., a company renowned for its global leadership in network optimization and bandwidth management. Through the partnership, Nomadix becomes the hospitality industry's sole provider of Exinda's WAN orchestration technology. With this complementary technology, Nomadix further extends its capabilities in the areas of maximizing, controlling and conserving bandwidth to ensure hotel guests have a positive Internet experience.

"One of the biggest challenges hoteliers face is how to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth while controlling the pace of investment in new network capacity," said Fred Reeder, Nomadix chief commercial and operating officer. "Hotel operators who strike the right balance are able to stretch their financial resources while reducing or eliminating the guest complaints that can lead to loss of reputation and business. With capabilities designed to appeal to integrators and hoteliers alike, the new Nomadix platform provides the hospitality industry with a higher level of performance and guest satisfaction."

Nomadix Internet access gateways are known throughout the hospitality industry for their reliability and robust bandwidth management capabilities. These features help ensure that the quality of the connection is exceptional, each user gets fair access to bandwidth, and users who pay for a better connection receive a better connection. With the addition of Exinda's technology, the new Nomadix platform provides a true enterprise-grade solution that enables hotels to finely tune bandwidth allocation by Internet application, thereby improving the guest Internet experience.

"Hotel networks are more complex than ever," said Michael Sharma, CEO of Exinda. "As the number of users and devices demanding connectivity continues to grow, the challenge of delivering a consistent and exceptional experience becomes more difficult. Our partnership with Nomadix will help hospitality customers defer costly upgrades, protect valuable bandwidth resources and eliminate wasteful consumption to ensure guests always experience the highest quality Internet access."

The growing demand for connectivity is driving the need for orchestration technology that provides visibility and control of all users, devices and applications on the network. This is especially important in the hospitality industry, which has large numbers of guests seeking access to the guest network. The new Nomadix platform enables hotels to assign flexible ranges of bandwidth based both on the application's potential for disruption and on its level of importance to users. These ranges can be expanded or contracted depending on the level of network congestion present, the time of day or other factors. For instance, hotel operators can give aggressive bandwidth-consuming applications like BitTorrent or YouTube a lower allocation so other guests are afforded a fair share of the available bandwidth and a quality Internet experience.

In reflecting on the impact of the exclusive agreement with Exinda, Reeder concluded, "This partnership is the next chapter in our continuing mission to develop and promote affordable solutions that stretch and maximize bandwidth resources while improving the guest experience. You might say that we are providing guests with Internet so good, it's invisible.

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