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Exinda Announces Key Enhancements to its WAN Orchestration Solution
Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 01:35:09 PM


BOSTON-November 19, 2014-Exinda, a global provider of network orchestration solutions, today announced three feature enhancements to its industry-leading Exinda Network Orchestrator product. These enhancements are designed to help enterprises, education institutions and service providers gain better control over the increasingly diverse set of users, applications and activities on their networks.

The new feature enhancements enable organizations to more easily identify, segment and manage users on the network and apply policies to control how they can interact with applications and network resources. Gartner Research underscores the need for enhanced user and activity controls saying, "Traditional network design practices do not adequately support the modern user. These design practices need to move beyond connecting the dots and sizing bandwidth." [1]

The volume and complexity of users, applications and devices coming onto corporate and campus networks has created a need for more granular controls. Greg Veres, Vice President of Product Management at Exinda highlights, "As business offerings become more personalized, IT organizations need network solutions that proactively manage access to applications and network resources. Exinda's new product enhancements provide our customers with more granular control to enforce usage policies across user and application groups."

Exinda Network Orchestrator has been expanded to provide:

  • Integrated Captive Portal Policies: Allow companies to build and apply quality of service (QoS) policies based on user attributes gathered from a captive internet portal. This feature allows organizations to deliver tiers of service based on user types, subscription levels or other commercial attributes. Captive portals are commonly used in hotels, airports and a variety of other businesses that need to control network use at a granular level.
  • Adaptive Response Quotas: Allow service providers to define Internet usage limits for users, groups and other network objects. The feature makes it possible for companies to limit network access based on data transfer volume and the amount of time a user is on the network. It can also restrict access to a segment of the network based on subscription attributes. Network Administrators can define specific actions that will be taken when usage quotas are reached including throttling or blocking data transfer, and redirecting users to a specific web page.
  • HTTPS Caching: Allows organizations to cache secure web traffic for improved user experience for cloud applications. This enhancement to Exinda's Edge Cache product caches encrypted HTTPS content which is now the standard for sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many other commercial sites. Most traditional caching solutions have not yet adapted to support HTTPS which presents problems for companies in a variety of industries.

The captive portal and quota enhancements to Exinda Network Orchestrator are available now. HTTPS Caching will be generally available December 1, 2014. Learn more about the solution at

[1] Gartner, Five Dimensions of Network Design to Improve Performance and Save Money, Andrew Lerner, Mark Fabbi, Danielle Young, September 9, 2014.

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