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Exinda Connects with the Detroit Tigers to Deliver a Reliable Network Experience
Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 02:35:27 PM

Exinda steps up to the plate to assure a user-friendly experience for media, staff and fans at Comerica Park.

BOSTON -- August 8, 2013 -- Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and Network Control solutions, today announced that the Detroit Tigers have deployed Exinda’s Network Control Suite to manage how journalists, photographers and broadcast media use the organization’s network and protect the user experience they rely on to report on games.

The Tigers receive a considerable amount of media attention with over 150 media members covering home games at Comerica Park and more than 1000 reporting from inside and outside of the ballpark during the playoffs, the network must support a variety of traffic. If allowed to go unmanaged, recreational Internet traffic can hog valuable network bandwidth and inhibit media from reporting on the game in real time.

“We needed a solution where we could look at usage by individual user and individual application, and intelligently create policies to better monitor and control usage and we found that with Exinda,” said James Darrow, Director of IT for the Detroit Tigers.

Exinda’s Network Control solution enables the Tigers’ to prioritize the constant tweets, blog posts, high resolution photos and up-to-the-minute reporting coming from media personnel, while restraining recreational video and music streaming during rain delays and in-between innings that previously overloaded the network. With help from Exinda, the Tigers’ IT staff is able to manage their bandwidth by prioritizing important applications without crippling connectivity.

“When our IT team is working the games, they have the Exinda dashboard up on the screen so they can see in real time what’s going on,” Darrow said. “Using Exinda, we’ve been able to limit that non-essential traffic when we need to. In IT, not hearing from users means everything’s going well, and it’s been very quiet since we’ve implemented Exinda.”

“The Detroit Tigers have a history of being frontrunners on the field, and we’re pleased to aid them in achieving that performance off the field as well,” said Ken Casto, Area Vice President, West at Exinda. “With the Exinda appliance installed, the Tigers have control over their network. By limiting the amount of recreational traffic competing for bandwidth, they can ensure an exceptional in-stadium experience for media, staff and fans alike.”

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