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WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Products

Exinda's suite of WAN Optimization and Network Control products provides midmarket enterprises and education institutions the ability to effortlessly meet network application SLAs. Unlike conventional optimization products which tend to be rigidly focused on compression and acceleration and packaged for higher vendor margins instead of higher performance, Exinda stands out as the right choice for midsized companies. Featuring a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and virtual products, Exinda delivers the best price to performance rating at every appliance size, and a simple install process that will deliver performance improvements in minutes. We invite you to compare our products and find the right Exinda appliance for your business.

The Right Appliance for Your Business

Exinda Products

Exinda 2061

Exinda 2061 Series

The Exinda 2061 is the perfect branch office appliance for small and medium businesses. Architected for branch networks that need to support up to 1,600 users, the 2061 delivers the best price-performance in the category. Network managers who need optimization for critical WAN based applications will find the perfect combination of power and speed at a reasonable price point. And for branches trying to control inbound internet traffic or prioritize VoIP and Video applications, the 2061 is a perfect fit. One of our most popular appliances, the 2061 is the most powerful small branch optimization product on the market today.

  • Small Branch Office, Home Office
  • 6 Mbps, 600 Connections
  • 20 Mbps, 32,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 20 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 1,600 Users

Exinda 4010

Exinda 4010 Series

The Exinda 4010 is designed with just the right amount of power to optimize and control network traffic for medium and large branch offices. The 4010 meets a growing need in the midmarket for environments with up to 500 Mbps links that require optimization and control to meet and exceed application SLAs. The 4010 delivers more power for dollar than any other midsized optimization appliance in the category and almost always pays for itself in less than six months.

  • Medium Branch Office
  • 20 Mbps, 1200 Connections
  • 500 Mbps, 768,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 45 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 38,000 Users

Exinda 4061

Exinda 4061 Series

The Exinda 4061 is our most powerful branch office appliance designed for customers who are rapidly growing their headquarters network bandwidth and require the flexibility to upgrade in the future. The 4061 can be deployed as a 100 Mbps system and easily upgraded to 1 Gbps, with expandable network interfaces and remote management capabilities. If you're concerned about scaling to meet the future needs of your network, the 4061 is for you.

  • Medium to Large Office
  • 20 Mbps, 3000 Connections
  • 1 Gbps, 1,024,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 100 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 51,000 Users

Exinda 6062

Exinda 6062 Series

The Exinda 6062 is the most practical data center appliance in our portfolio. Designed for midsized companies that need WAN optimization, network control or an integrated solution that scales up to 2.5 Gbps. For data center grade optimization appliances the 6062 provides the best performance profile for pragmatic, midmarket companies. One of our most popular appliances in retail, manufacturing and government, the 6062 delivers exactly the right amount of performance for environments supporting up to 200,000 users.

  • Small Data Center
  • 50 Mbps, 10,000 Connections
  • 2.5 Gbps, 5,120,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 125 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 200,000 Users

Exinda 8062

Exinda 8062 Series

The Exinda 8062 is our fastest growing product line and is designed for true data center scale. This powerful optimization appliance can serve environments up to 250,000 users and provide visibility and control that scales to support bandwidth up to 5 Gbps. Popular with mid and large size enterprises and education institutions with rapidly growing user communities and bandwidth consumption. Built to scale, the Exinda 8062 makes it easy to protect application SLAs during high volume peak hours as well as control inbound internet and video traffic which can bog down your network.

  • Data Center
  • 155 Mbps, 16,000 Connections
  • 5 Gbps, 5,120,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 175 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 250,000 Users

Exinda 10062

Exinda 10062 Series

The Exinda 10062 is the most powerful data center grade appliance from Exinda. Architected to serve the largest data centers and service provider networks, the 10062 is built to scale with your business. With exceptional power and bandwidth capacity, our most powerful appliance can protect application SLAs no matter what the network throws at it. Built for companies and service providers with extremely high traffic volume and whose business depends on meeting and exceeding network application SLAs.

  • Large Data Center
  • 310 Mbps, 45,000 Connections
  • 10 Gbps, 8,000,000 Concurrent Flows
  • 225 Mbps Edge Cache
  • Up to 400,000 Users

Find the Right Exinda for Your Network
  Exinda 2061 Exinda 4010 Exinda 4061 Exinda 6062 Exinda 8062 Exinda 10062
  Exinda 2061 Exinda 4010 Exinda 4061 Exinda 6062 Exinda 8062 Exinda 10062
Designed For Small Branch Office Medium Branch Office Headquarters Small Data Center Data Center Large Data Center
Max Users Up to 1,600 Up to 38,000 Up to 51,000 Up to 200,000 Up to 250,000 Up to 400,000
WAN Optimization Capacity 6 Mbps, 600 connections 20 Mbps, 1,200 connections 20 Mbps, 3,000 connections 50 Mbps, 10,000 connections 6 Mbps, 600 connections 6 Mbps, 600 connections
Network Control Capacity 20 Mbps, 32,000 flows 500 Mbps, 768,000 flows 1 Gbps, 1,024,000 flows 2.5 Gbps, 5,120,000 flows 5 Gbps, 5,120,000 flows 10 Gbps, 8,00,000 flows
Edge Cache Capacity 20 Mbps 45 Mbps 100 Mbps 125 Mbps 175 Mbps 225 Mbps
Data Store 240 GB 385 GB 385 GB 1.7 TB, built-in redundancy 2.7 TB, built-in redundancy 1.5 TB, built-in redundancy
NICs 2 Bridges 3 Bridges 1 Bridges,
1 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
1 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
1 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
1 Cluster,
NICs Expandable To - 5 Bridges 1 Bridges,
4 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
10 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
11 Bridges,
1 Mgmt,
1 Cluster,
NIC Type 1 GbE 1 GbE 1 GbE with 10 Gb option 1 GbE with 10 Gb option 1 GbE with 10 Gb option 1 GbE with 10 Gb option
Power Supply External, Auto Ranging Internal, Auto Ranging Internal, Auto Ranging Redundant, Auto Ranging Redundant, Auto Ranging Redundant, Auto Ranging
Form Factor 1U Rackmount or Desktop 1U Rackmount 1U Rackmount 1U Rackmount 2U Rackmount 2U Rackmount

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What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

In many organizations, when end users complain about slow applications on the WAN, IT staff have no idea why. This is because they have only limited visibility into the types of Internet traffic on the network. Without visibility and control, IT is essentially flying blind when it comes to addressing poor network performance, slow applications, bandwidth congestion or the need to prioritize critical applications like voice over IP (VoIP).

WAN OptimizationWAN Optimization Made Easy

The Exinda WAN optimization appliance allows organizations to instantly gain deep visibility into all network activity and identify why applications are performing poorly on the WAN. Providing network visibility, control and optimization in a single, affordable, “plug-and-play” appliance, Exinda allows organizations to rapidly identify bottlenecks, control recreational traffic and intelligently accelerate applications.

Service Delivery Point

Service Delivery Point (SDP) is a Web hosted Software-as-a-Service for centrally managing Exinda appliances distributed throughout corporate networks. It is licensed by the number of appliances to be managed. Exinda's hosted service further simplifies the WAN optimization process by eliminating the need to buy, install, maintain and upgrade management hardware and software. Since there is no capital investment, SDP offers a 70-70-90 percent savings compared to similar client/server solutions. Read More ยป

SDP is also available as an appliance hosted either at a company's site or a managed service provider's site.

The Exinda Difference & How It Benefits You

Exinda Networks' advanced optimization, acceleration and monitoring capabilities:

Exinda delivers a single platform that is affordable as well as easy to install and manage. The appliances: square bullet point Increase network performance and network connection speeds Control and manage Web access per user or host, including peer-to-peer traffic square bullet point Monitor network traffic for individuals, groups of users and/or servers.

Achieve Peak Application Performance

Exinda's application acceleration and traffic management technologies greatly enhance end users' experience by offering LAN-like application performance across the WAN. Exinda's traffic management technologies help you understand how your network is being used and how applications are performing over time. The appliances help to identify points of network congestion. The policy-based Quality of Service (QoS) allocate bandwidth resources to each application and maintain a fair use policy of the network eliminating congestion.

Exinda's application acceleration technology further improves application response times by eliminating application chattiness and aggregating small packets into larger data streams. Exinda's WAN Memory caches repetitive network patterns for local delivery. Exinda's x800 appliances are highly useful in the following scenarios:

Exinda accelerates all TCP, CIFS and HTTP traffic including SAP, MS Exchange, HTTP, Windows File and Print, Lotus Notes and more.